Uncle K was born and grew up in Malaysia, learned early in life that people bond over delicious food and a delectable cup of coffee. Uncle K Group was founded by a group of passionate food enthusiasts, among who is Uncle K himself, as the Head Chef and Head of Menu Development of the Group. Having spent years cooking for foodies and food experts in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, Uncle K believes that despite the difference in languages, cultures and dialects, people often find that food and drinks create talking point and common ground like no others.

What the Group hopes to achieve is to make its name synonymous with high quality and delicious food. This simply means you could be sure that whatever brought to you by the Uncle K Group will have been carefully curated, tasted, refined and scrutinized by many foodies themselves, just for your everlasting enjoyment and fondness of a life time.

If you have uncontainable passion over food like us, drop us a note at our Contact Us section for Franchise, Employment or Partnership Opportunities. Foodies of the same feather should flock together.


Vision: To be a beloved F&B group known for its excellent food and drinks, exemplary service level and sustainable brand presence

Mission: To promote friendship through luscious food and delectable drinks