Uncle K

The anchor brand of the Group, Uncle K Coffee and “makan” place is the embodiment of passion, love and appreciation towards quality food, drinks and a proof get-together place. After all, delicious food never gets old. It defies trends and ambience.
At Uncle K Coffee and “makan” place, you could find all-time favourite traditional dishes cooked and served in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, such as nasi goreng and nasi lemak. Its fusion dishes, inspired by other cultures like Roti Prata and Spaghetti add varieties to your culinary experience, while its creatively whipped beverages and desserts make perfect companies for the sweet tooth in you.
Riding on the same beliefs and philosophy of the Group, the Uncle K coffee and "makan" place is where the food and drinks are sooo good, they will never fail to satisfy your company's and your very own palate. When all is truly good with no pretense, you know that's how friendships will be forged for life.